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YSS All New Gold Series YSS proudly presents the All New Gold Series Suspension, incorporating high performance technologies with a refreshed classy style.

The flashy gold colour (Dazzling Gold), together with the Classic Matte Black Spring and the high-technology Gas Shock Absorber ensures perfect impact absorption, great stability and handling, while keeping you in the spotlight wherever you go.
YSS black series Mitra 2000 presents YSS BLACK SERIES, New G-SPORT Series with special Black metallic coated colour presentation. Designed to perfectly absorb impact using nitrogen gas in the bladder system in attached tube.

Equipped with Progressive spring, Rebound Adjuster and Spring Pre-Load to adjust spring hardness level. Available Heavy Duty spring for Forza, X-MAX, N-MAX and PCX.
YSS RED SERIES Special Promo YSS G-SPORT Red Series Forza & X-MAX Special Price Rp.5,5jt nett
YSS G-SPORT Red Series N-MAX, AEROX & PCX Special Price Rp.4,5jt nett

Setiap pembelian YSS Red Series mendapatkan 1 buah Topi TDR dan kaos YSS selama bulan Februari 2019

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TDR High Performance Motorcycle Solutions

Countdown 18th Asian Games on August 18th, 2018. Mitra2000 gives complete solutions for 18 motorcycle type,  supported by TDR YSS COMET KOSO VROOAM
The World's Best High Performance shock absorber for Honda ADV 150 has arrived. Don't miss it..!!
Get it on the nearest One Team Network in your area. YSS G-SPORT Red Series & Black Series for ADV 150 specially designed in elegant red and black colour for more classy look. Designed to absorb impact using nitrogen gas on a bladder system in a separate tube. Equipped with Progressive Spring, Spring Preload and Rebound Adjuster.

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TDR Brake Hose Black Carbon for New PCX 150 ABS developed with high quality stainless steel that allows no shape alteration towards master pump's high pressure. Steadily applicable in high temperature conditions.

TDR Brake Hose Black Carbon for New PCX 150 ABS dibuat dengan material stainless berkualitas tinggi yang tidak akan berubah bantuk meskipun dalam tekanan tinggi. Tetap stabil dalam kondisi temperatur tinggi, sehingga pengereman lebih responsif.

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MITRA 2000 presents YSS Mono Shock Suspension for CRF-150L for racing or adventure purpose. Filled suspension featuring nitrogen gas with emulated hydraulic oil for perfect absorbent. Equipped with Spring Preload Adjuster & Rebound Adjuster.

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TDR presents X-MAX Handling Package. Package includes:

  • Front Fork Upgrade Kit
  • Twin Shock YSS G-Racing Black Edition*
  • Brake Hose TDR Black Carbon (ABS) Front & Rear
  • Racing Disc Rotor Floating & N Spec
  • TDR Disc Pad Front & Rear
  • TDR Brake Lever *
Also available other series: Black Series, Red series, Gold Series and Silver Series.

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TDR presents X-MAX Power Package. Package includes: - Spark Plug Twin Iridium MA9RT - Gear Ratio 13Tx38T - Super CVT Golden Teflon Pulley Assy - CVT Spring 15% - Roller CVT Set 16gr
This package will increase Horse Power up to 21.5 and Torque 15.8 ( Dyno Result may vary )

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TDR presents Rear Sprocket CNC 7075 Hyperlite 415 for R25, MT25 & Ninja 250 made of finest aluminium CNC material makes it lighter with 60% weight reduction to improve acceleration.
TDR mempersembahkan Rear Sprocket CNC 7075 Hyperlite 415 untuk R25, MT25 & Ninja 250 terbuat dari bahan aluminium CNC terbaik menjadikan sprocket lebih ringan dengan pengurangan berat sebanyak 60% untuk meningkatkan akselerasi.


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TDR CVT Belt Super Kevlar made with high-grade Kevlar material ensures outstanding durability, high heat resistance and significant reduction of slippage in transmission system to provide maximum power, enhanced acceleration and impeccable performance.


TDR CVT Belt Super Kevlar dengan material Kevlar terbaik menghasilkan belt dengan ketahanan yang lebih tinggi. Ketahanan pada suhu tinggi menjadikan CVT Belt tidak mengalami slip meskipun digunakan pada suhu extreme, sehingga tetap dapat menghantarkan tenaga mesin dan memaksimalkan akselerasi.


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TDR presents Gear Ratio 13Tx38T for X-MAX made with finest material and through computerized process produce precise gear to get maximum power and acceleration for touring or daily use. Now its already equipped with front gear for better traction.
TDR mempersembahkan Gear Ratio 13Tx38T X-MAX terbuat dari material terbaik melalui proses komputerisasi menghasilkan mata gear yang presisi agar bekerja maksimal menghasilkan tenaga yang lebih akseleratif untuk penggunaan touring ataupun sehari-hari.

Sekarang sudah diperlengkapi dengan gear depan untuk traksi yang lebih sempurna.


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TDR Aluminium Grip Nebula & Titan made with special soft rubber and diameter size designed so that riders not easy to get tired even on long trip.

The hand grip have better looks with the colorful CNC Aluminium material.


TDR Aluminum Grip Nebula & Titan dibuat dengan material spesial rubber untuk menjaga handling tidak mudah slip dan desain diameter yang disesuaikan kebutuhan pengendara untuk mendukung penggunaan jarak jauh.

Material CNC Alumunium meningkatkan tampilan hand grip lebih berkelas.

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TDR Carburetor with Racing Needle designed with ideal venturi size 34, 30 & 28mm. Needle Jet designed with clip system for easy tuning setup. Suitable for Racing and Modification.


TDR Caburetor dengan racing needle tersedia untuk ukuran venturi 34, 30 dan 28 mm. Needle didesain menggunakan clip yang memudahkan settingan guna kebutuhan balap ataupun modification.

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KOSO KSR EVO Carburetor maximizing the upper rotation performance with additional power jet that can help to increase the fuel supply. Available in various sizes that can be adjusted to engine needs for better performance.
KOSO KSR EVO Carburetor memaksimalkan performa mesin dengan tambahan fitur power jet yang bisa membantu meningkatkan suplai bahan bakar. Tersedia dalam beberapa ukuran yang bisa disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan mesin agar performa yang dihasilkan bisa lebih akurat.


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TDR High Performance Technology presents Synthetic Gasoline Passenger Car Engine Oils VR7000 and VR5000.

Vrooam synthetic oil is an advanced, modern-day engine oil specially formulated and engineered with high-quality base oils and Vrooam Performance Additive Technology consisting of selected high-performance additives to deliver strong engine protection and optimize fuel efficiency, perfect for present-day cars.
Available at One Team Network nearby, or visit for order online.
Vrooam VR7000 :
Vrooam VR5000 :

TDR High Performance Technology presents The New line up RTZ7V-GEL and RTX9-BS Acid Battery. Designed with AGM Technology Up to 2 times longer life cycle, Shock & Vibration Proof, High Power Density, High Electrical Loads, Quick Recharge, start & stop operations, improve cranking power, Maintenance Free and unspillable.


For price and product advantages Click Here:
TDR Sealed GEL Battery RTZ7V-GEL :
TDR Battery Acid Bottle RTX9-BS :


COMET M1 ukuran 80/90-14 dan 90/90-14 dikembangkan dengan special compound menggunakan Multi-Layer Technology menghasilkan handling yang lebih baik saat kondisi jalan basah ataupun kering. Cocok dipergunakan untuk kebutuhan touring ataupun sehari-hari.

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Tires Comet 80/90-14 :
Tires Comet 90/90-14 :

TDR High Performance Technology presents Portable Inverter Generator for your High Performance Lifestyle and any outdoor activities such as Racing Event, Outbound, Camping.
TDR Power Generator features :
1. Stable output for AC and DC. So you can use any electric devices and tools without any worries.
2. Quiet engine and less vibration to support your outdoor activities smoothly.
3. Fuel Efficient with longer running time (eco mode and maximum).
4. 3 Years Engine Warranty.
5. After sales service and parts at TDR Technology Center and One Team Network.


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