Z3 smoke lens

WhatsApp_Image_2020-04-25_at_09.49.12 TDR Z3 LED Winker Lamp (Indicator) Smoked Lens is the perfect choice to style up your motorcycle. Having obtained safety certification from the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), the TDR Z3 Winker Lamp uses ultra-bright LED to enhance visibility and is made of high-quality supple material for increased strength and crack resistance.


TDR Z3 Led Winker Lamp (Indicator) Smoked Lens pilihan tepat untuk modifikasi motor anda. Perubahan sederhana untuk tampilan berbeda! TDR Z3 Led Winker Lamp menggunakan lampu Ultra-bright LED untuk meningkatkan visibilitas dan didesain lentur sehingga tidak mudah patah. Komponen dari TDR ini telah mendapatkan sertifikasi ECE (standard Eropa).

Video : https://youtu.be/WeZulWOITNc

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